About the company


GDM understands your need to quickly fulfill customer orders and exceed customer expectation. Let us help you accomplish that and more with the following:

GDM embraces a culture of continuous improvement by investing in our people, processes and technology to enhance our drive to be faster, better and easier to work with. Our commitment in pursuing these goals with the highest integrity allows us to continually build value for our stakeholders: customers, employees and our community.


  • Our on-site project managers ensure quality installations.
  • We resolve receiving and settlement issues, handle expedites, prevent wrong orders, and resolve wrong invoices.


  • Our managers take full responsibility for all pertinent issues to ensure a successful delivery.


  • We meet our commitments through our attention to detail.
  • Our proactive communication frees your staff for more productive activities.


  • Our goal is to become the preferred supplier for construction equipment, construction materials and tools and our dedication to your success will get us there.

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